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Junkanoo Love Story

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Perfect song, perfect cast, perfect chemistry, perfect location, perfect weather.

A few months back Julien Believe sent us the song for his new single Junkanoo Love Story and we fell in love. The perfect mix of a ballad with undertones ofJunkanoo and afrobeat all fused together to make a hit record.

Naturally ideas started to flow on how we could create a cultural visual piece that local Bahamians and International viewers could relate to and appreciate. So, right a way we decide we would have to film on a family and what what better island than Exuma. It's something about that turquoise water that just makes you fall in love.

The storyline

The story follows this young couple, with beautiful leading lady Jerchovia Moxey. They have been childhood friends growing up on the island of Exuma, they first met in the Junkanoo shack where they exchange looks and before you know it, sparks are flying.

We follow their journey from friends to lovers, every day creating new memories as they explore and experience life on the family islands. The video takes you to some breathtaking locations around George Town Exuma and ... well you will just have to watch the video when it comes up later this month to find out the rest.

Music Video: Junkanoo Love Story

Album: Hybrid

Produced & Directed by IC Marketing

Margaret Glynatsis & Dyaria Knowles

Cinematography: Jackson Petit

Camera Assistant: Andrew Bowe

Editors: Margaret Glynatsis & Dyaria Knowles

Drone: Margaret Glynatsis


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