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Our Story


 Our story is one of two island girls from The Bahamas that fell in love with our 700 Islands & Cays.   We draw inspiration from our culture, our Caribbean roots and use it to create unique visual stories for our clients, whether its Destination Marketing, Film, Documentaries, Commercials & Music Videos we make an emotional connection.  We are forward thinking, driven and motivated to constantly push the boundaries of our innovation and creativity.  


We offer a full scope of production services from Destination Marketing, Boutique Hotels, Brand & Campaign Development, and Content Marketing Video/Photo. We believe that the strongest brands are built by leaders who go beyond an idea; and utilize the full breadth of a concept or design thinking to add flesh to a business, transforming it into something that comes to life


Owner, Creative Director

In love with the idea of storytelling and bring our clients vision to life.  Started being in front of the camera, but over the years I've gotten a brand new perspective being on the opposite  side.  The Bahamas is the greatest canvas on earth to work with and draw inspiration from. Deep rooted and inspired by our island culture and roots from Eleuthera, there is never a possibility to run out of content to showcase our clients brands.

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Be free to express your self and you've gotta dance like there's nobody watching. Stay Island Inspired.

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